To successfully manage this crisis, we're gonna need all hands on deck.

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What is the Plan?

This community event goes through the steps we plan on taking to develop our plan.

Structure: Webinar

Community Involvement: Medium Amounts Q&A

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Dates: TBD

Platform: Google Meet

Community Discussion

This community event allows members of the community to converse with each other and formulate ideas for how to solve our crisis.

Structure: Online Meeting

Community Involvement: High Amounts Discussion

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Dates: TBD

Platform: Google Meet

Panelist Conversations

This community event is a weekly pre-recorded conversation from group of qualified panelists hosted by The Gunnison Project.

Structure: Pre-Recorded Conversations

Community Involvement: Low Amounts Pre-Moderated Questions

Duration: 30 minutes

Dates: TBD

Platform: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram TV

Other ways to get involved

Volunteer to be a Panelist!

As a guest panelist, you have the opportunity to join a conversation of other experienced individuals in the community in a pre-recorded session. Have the opportunity to share your views with The Gunnison Project, other panelists, and the community at large!


Media Waiver

Relevant expertise, students attending school, or be a student

Distribute Promotional Materials!

Have access to promotional materials ready for distribution. This includes social media posts and more.


Physical Materials require authorization

Become a Youth Volunteer!

Because this organization is youth led, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your thoughts, lead community events, directly influence the plan, and be a representative for The Gunnison Project in public affairs.

We're always happy to have more youth volunteers. Join today!


Be between the ages of 12 and 19

Provide a Suggestion!

Want to give your voice privately?

One of the greatest things you can do is provide The Gunnison Project with tips, ideas, and suggestions for how to handle the crisis.

This can include resources you feel we need, suggestions for how to better collect our sets of community data, or anything else you feel would be important!